Known for their elegance and versatility, the Cambiando Ensembles are quickly establishing themselves as Pittsburgh’s premier music ensembles.

The word CAMBIANDO comes from the Italian for changing, and such are the Ensembles, whose mission is to deliver a wide array of programs suitable for any venue. Combining his unique background in strings, brass, composition and public relations, the Cambiando Ensembles were co-founded by Artistic Director, Adam M. Janssen.

The Cambiando Ensembles perform as String and Brass chamber groups. However, their instrumentation is versatile, depending upon the event. Popular String Ensembles are: string trio or quartet, solo violin, or solo violin with piano or guitar. Brass Ensembles are: brass trio, quartet or quintet, trombone quartet, solo trumpet, solo trumpet with organ, or large brass ensemble. Vocalists are also available to perform with the groups.

Specializing in weddings and special events, the Cambiando Ensembles perform various programs. Comprised of musicians from various backgrounds, the Cambiando Ensembles pride themselves in their innovative approach to making music, collaborating with local artists and tackling ambitious projects.

The Cambiando Strings have recently been seen as a collaborator to iTunes featured artist Mayank Lahoti on his debut single, “Wonderwall,” (links on left) for which they arranged and performed the original score. Further collaboration has ensued as the group plans to return to the studio to record Lahoti’s debut album. Other projects have included Bhangra and Indie folk genre infusions as well as transcriptions of popular tunes. Find to the left a sampling of their collaboration.

The Cambiando Strings also maintains a partnership with the Pittsburgh Opera and has been heard for several years at their Diamond Horseshoe Ball, a high profile black-tie affair in support of the Pittsburgh Opera.


Strings. Brass. Cambiando.


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